Student blogging challenge Week 5- Our foods

Hi guys,

This week for the student blogging challenge we were told to post about our some of the most popular foods in our country. Living in Australia, obviously the food is very diverse which is great because it means our food supplies are culturally diverse and we can experience different eating in our own country!

Australian foods:

 First off I need to start off with the all time classic… Vegemite! This is an all-Australian toast (or other) spread. It has a nutella – like texture with a salty and pungent flavour. But warning: VEGEMITE IS NOT MEANT TO BE EATEN IN LARGE QUANTITIES, it I meant to be had in small doses (a thin layer on your toast not a glob!). Vegemite is also apparently now an adjective, in the vegemite song and in my parent’s vocabulary “happy little vegemite” is an expression used for happy children.

Vegemite in a bottle! Image from pixabay- no attribution require

Vegemite in a bottle!
Image from pixabay- no attribution require

 Another popular Australian food is the lamington. This is like a light, fluffy square cake covered in a thin layer of soft chocolate and sprinkled with dry coconut shavings. It tastes even better than it looks (and it’s layout is very appealing)! Lamingtons are an afternoon tea/ morning tea treat. They work perfectly with good cup of milk tea and a good book!CC Licence: CK_-_Lamington.jpg ‎(580 × 365 pixels, file size: 73 KB, MIME type: image/jpeg) Author: Chuck Norris

 This one is a family favourite, the well-known Pavlova. Pavlovas are not just popular in Australia they are very popular in my family. Every single birthday my dad requests a Pavlova instead of a birthday cake, and every single birthday my mum tries to make one and a couple of times the Pavlova has completely flopped, literally! We have had one of histories greatest family fights over the decoration of a Pavlova. My dad is very picky about the way he likes his Pavlovas.

Australian Lunches:

Australia is a very multicultural country; this means that we have citizens from all around the world. At school some kids might have sushi others might have curry. I have a wide range of different lunches that I take to school. Sometimes when my grandma has been over she will make us curry puffs and I will take those to school with some tomato sauce. At least once a week my mum makes fried rice with meat. The rice is usually warm and is very filling. If we are really in a rush I will take a simple sandwich with plum jam. As you can see there is a wide variety of foods that we can take to school for lunch in Australia.

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Commenting on other blogs:

Ella from the USA:

Ella’s post-

Hi Ella,
I live in Australia and wrote a post about the same topic. In Australia we also eat Pizza and hotdogs because we (like the USA) are a multicultural country. I wonder, does your family eat these foods?

Ashley from Canada:

Ashley’s post:

Hi Ashley,
I really enjoyed reading your post, it was very informative and it is obvious you put a lot of effort into this post. Half of my family are from poland and I never knew that bagels originated from there! I think they are from Germany?! Great job with your post and survey!

Dariana from Mexico:

Dariana’s post:

Hi Dariana,
I really liked your blog post about how you celebrate halloween and your added picture. For week 5 of the student blogging challenge, I was wondering what you take to school for lunch? Do you take traditional mexican dishes or normal sandwiches?

Brock from Russia:

Brock’s post:

Hi Brock,
I think that was a beautiful post about the true meaning of christmas. For the student blogging challenge week 5 I was wondering what food you take to school for lunch in Russia? Do you take a Russian dish or an international sandwich?

Hannah from Korea:

Hannah’s post:

Hi Hannah,
I really loved your descriptive language in this post. For the student blogging challenge week 5 I wanted to know what you take to school in Korea? Do you eat traditional Korean food? Do your parents prepare Korean food?

I really enjoyed this weeks challenge and look forward to next week.

That’s all for now!