SBC Wk 3 Part 5- What I’ve learned about images

Hi Bloggers,

This week in the student blogging challenge, I completed multiple tasks to broaden my understanding of how to use images and widgets at my advantage without getting in trouble or disobeying the rules of copyright. If you would like to read my previous posts for Student blogging challenge week 3 then look for the tag Student blogging challenge in my tag and categories cloud.

I found this week’s challenge to be particularly interesting and informative because I not only really enjoyed looking for pictures in my family files but learned how to use public photos safely. Miss W and Sue Waters posted two great posts about how to use images and widgets effectively.

Here was the post about imagery:

And here was the post about helpful widgets to add to your blog:


I found both these posts both very effective as I learned that taking images off the internet and using them on social media, blogging, websites and advertising isn’t right if the image is under a copyright license. Through this I learned that creative commons is a very helpful website because it locates photos that are able to be used for advertisement and are under no copyright regulations. I now know that compfight and photos for class are great websites to use that provide images that aren’t copyright.

To prevent legal involvement always use creative commons, comflight or photos for class pictures for your blog as they provide images that aren’t copyright and can be changed and adapted upon, used commercially and put on websites and blogs.