SBC Wk 4- 😈Trick or Treat👿

As we all know this Saturday (31st of October) is Halloween! For the challenge this week we are required to dress up our blogs and write  a spooky piece of poetry or short story. I have already dressed up my blog with black bats and spooky pumpkins. I wrote a piece of poetry about a ghostly figure trapping an infant:

The lights are flashing in my room,

all of a sudden everything goes dark.

Fearing for my life I feel around for somewhere to hide,

but nothing is in site.


I hear a creak in the door

a wheezing groan approaches me,

my senses are disabled as the threat tries to choke me.


Then the lights are turned on.

I turn to see my assassin,

but nobody is in sight.


The grip on my body tightens,

and the world goes black again.


3 thoughts on “SBC Wk 4- 😈Trick or Treat👿

    • anjalim21 says:

      Hi Mrs W,
      Thanks for the comment! I am trying to improve my poetry skills so that my writing fits with the genre, in this case I tried to make it a sort of gory horror poem!

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