Farewell year 6 2015

Year 6 has been a truly amazing and memorable year for everybody. At the beginning of the year Mrs Watts warned us that the year would fly by very quickly and what can I say? She did warn us! Year 6 has absolutely flown past I blinked and there it went! In Year 6 we got so much more freedom and learnt so many new things. We experienced amazing things, learnt, laughed and loved every moment!

I remember the first day as if it was yesterday, in fact I could say with the utmost confidence that it was yesterday! When we started settling in we gradually got to know our three teachers, I was in Mrs W and Mrs M’s class and some of my friend where in Mrs T’s class. Despite being in two separate classes I saw my other friends quite often as the teachers collaborated on many things and the roll away doors separating the class rooms were always open. We got to see our friends on a regular basis and as a year 6 community we had so much fun!

Our encouraging teachers have pushed us (in a good way) to do our personal best and I believe we have done that to the best of our ability. Our teachers have taken it as a responsibility to get to know us individually and now we all have unique relationships with our teachers. We now consider our teachers as “powerful” friends and will really (really) miss them when we move onto high school. We have shared a considerable amount of funny memories with our teacher’s, we will always remember the good times and all the laughs we’ve shared with them. I think each of the teachers should get an award for outstanding dedication to educating the young minds of year 6, and helping us achieve our goals. We all owe our teachers a huge debt of gratitude for all the work they have done to make our junior school experience one to remember. They all deserve special certificates to have on their walls at home as a thank you card from not only me but on behalf of all of year 6.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 4.22.24 pmScreen Shot 2015-12-01 at 4.23.37 pmScreen Shot 2015-12-01 at 4.24.23 pm

In year 6 we had the privilege of taking on leadership roles. These included the school captains (school captain and vice captain, house leaders and prefects), library monitors (held library events and looked after the library), kindy buddies (girls were paired up with kindys and became the friends and role models), rose tech crew (made fortnightly videos about a meaningful topic of interest with our ICT teacher, the videos were presented in assembly), tech box (worked behind the scenes to ensure everything technical used in junior school gatherings, like assembly and chapel, worked properly) and the voice (not the TV show but a group of girls that had assigned classes and went to them fortnightly to ask them for ideas about what they would like to see in the school. I was in the voice and was assigned to class 3M, I thoroughly enjoyed hearing their ideas and making their hopes for the school a reality. This year numerous girls requested a yearly talent show and we brought it up with the junior school principal and she agreed to hold an annual talent quest. We were very excited to showcase the junior school girls’ talent and it was a success! All technology was working (courtesy of the tech box crew) and everybody enjoyed themselves!

Year 6 has been overall one of the most enjoyable and exciting years in the junior school. I’ve made many memories with my friends and teachers and although at prize giving (last half day in the junior school) I’m sure many tears will be shed, we will always remember our friends and our teachers who made the year so unforgettable.

Farewell junior school, I look forward to seeing what the high school has in store for me. I will miss playing in the junior courtyard and all the benefits being a junior school girl had to offer. I have many memories from the past 6 years and I will take them to the high school. Unfortunately there are girls whom I may not see again, but we all have memories together. Goodbye year 6, Mrs W, Mrs M, Mrs T and all the other teachers of the junior school.

Student blogging challenge Week 6 – Commenting across the globe

Hi bloggers,

This week for the student blogging challenge our task is to comment on at least ten other blogs that aren’t from our own classes or grades. I decided to show you the commenting and links some posts I will write a post about the comments I make on certain blogs. If you would like to visit the blogs I will include the post link so you can read the post and then look at the rest of the blog.

Victoria– http://2021ven.edublogs.org/2015/10/30/lets-celebrate-halloween/#comments

Hi Victoria,
I found this post very informative and it changed my aspect on halloween. Originally I thought it was just an excuse to get candy but I never knew it had so much history! Congratulations are due for your hard work and researching this under researched topic. I think your post was easy to read and well laid out, I enjoyed reading your poem.


Mel– http://ameliander9702.edublogs.org/2015/11/08/week-4-activity-2/#respond

Hi Mel,
I enjoyed reading your short story, it was gripping and I hung on to every sentence. You ended the story cleverly with an open ending so anything could happen next, this leaves the readers wondering what will happen to Rachel now. I encourage you to continue your story!


Ellie– http://emcclintock20.edublogs.org/2015/11/05/popular-foods-in-america-ice-cream/#comments

Hi Ellie,
I really enjoyed reading your post it was honest as well as informative. 50 flavours of ice-cream! Wow, I would love to work somewhere like there. Next time I visit America I am definitely looking into Netties! Great job on a very interesting post!


Jared– http://jaredy20.edublogs.org/2015/11/02/hamburgers/

Hi Jared,
I liked reading your post about hamburgers it was funny but still informative and gave basic details of how to dress a hamburger. My Dad is a big burger fan and is good at cooking them, despite this burgers for us are a rare treat and we always make them ourselves. I love drawing faces with my ketchup!


Aiden– http://aidenas21.edublogs.org/2015/11/06/americas-favorite-food/

Hi Aiden,
Your experience was set out like a story and I felt like I was actually there! Great blogging!


Mason– http://masonsas21.edublogs.org/2015/11/02/american-food/

Hi Mason,
I like burgers at home that my dad makes, he rarely makes them so they’re a treat! I have been to a few other american blogs and pretty much everyone form america has posted about burgers. They are really popular!


Hoow20– http://hoow20.edublogs.org/2015/10/30/my-halloween/

Hi hoow20,
I really enjoyed reading your post about halloween. I am in sixth grade now and I enjoy going trick or treating with my friends. If you would like to know about the history of halloween I suggest you read Victoria’s post about it: http://2021ven.edublogs.org/2015/10/30/lets-celebrate-halloween/#comments Great blogging!



Great job Kathryn, your post as to-the-point and you stated a lot of unknown facts! I didn’t know any of the facts. Like how hamburgers eaten by Americans every year were put in a line it would circle the earth 32 times! That is a lot of hamburgers. Great job with your post, keep it up!


Wilao– http://wilao.edublogs.org/2015/11/02/celebrating-halloween-week-4/

Hi Wilao,
Great post, it was very personal and unique to you. I still go trick or treating with my friends but we go later on at night. We also dress up in really gory costumes, this year I was a vampire and my friends help drip blood down my neck and legs!


Gisele– http://giselew06.edublogs.org/2015/11/04/vegemite-combinations/

Hi Gisele,
I wrote a post about the same topic! I never new vegemite and cheese would taste good. I personally try to avoid the spread as it makes me ill sometimes! Great post, very informative and unique!



This week I visited some amazing blogs and I encourage everybody to look at the blogs from the links above and leave the bloggers a comment! That is my challenge for you this week! Have fun!


Student blogging challenge Week 5- Our foods

Hi guys,

This week for the student blogging challenge we were told to post about our some of the most popular foods in our country. Living in Australia, obviously the food is very diverse which is great because it means our food supplies are culturally diverse and we can experience different eating in our own country!

Australian foods:

 First off I need to start off with the all time classic… Vegemite! This is an all-Australian toast (or other) spread. It has a nutella – like texture with a salty and pungent flavour. But warning: VEGEMITE IS NOT MEANT TO BE EATEN IN LARGE QUANTITIES, it I meant to be had in small doses (a thin layer on your toast not a glob!). Vegemite is also apparently now an adjective, in the vegemite song and in my parent’s vocabulary “happy little vegemite” is an expression used for happy children.

Vegemite in a bottle! Image from pixabay- no attribution require

Vegemite in a bottle!
Image from pixabay- no attribution require

 Another popular Australian food is the lamington. This is like a light, fluffy square cake covered in a thin layer of soft chocolate and sprinkled with dry coconut shavings. It tastes even better than it looks (and it’s layout is very appealing)! Lamingtons are an afternoon tea/ morning tea treat. They work perfectly with good cup of milk tea and a good book!CC Licence: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/deed.en CK_-_Lamington.jpg ‎(580 × 365 pixels, file size: 73 KB, MIME type: image/jpeg) Author: Chuck Norris

 This one is a family favourite, the well-known Pavlova. Pavlovas are not just popular in Australia they are very popular in my family. Every single birthday my dad requests a Pavlova instead of a birthday cake, and every single birthday my mum tries to make one and a couple of times the Pavlova has completely flopped, literally! We have had one of histories greatest family fights over the decoration of a Pavlova. My dad is very picky about the way he likes his Pavlovas.

Australian Lunches:

Australia is a very multicultural country; this means that we have citizens from all around the world. At school some kids might have sushi others might have curry. I have a wide range of different lunches that I take to school. Sometimes when my grandma has been over she will make us curry puffs and I will take those to school with some tomato sauce. At least once a week my mum makes fried rice with meat. The rice is usually warm and is very filling. If we are really in a rush I will take a simple sandwich with plum jam. As you can see there is a wide variety of foods that we can take to school for lunch in Australia.

Please answer my poll:

Commenting on other blogs:

Ella from the USA:

Ella’s post- http://thevolleyballartist.edublogs.org/2015/11/05/popular-food-in-the-usa/#comment-5

Hi Ella,
I live in Australia and wrote a post about the same topic. In Australia we also eat Pizza and hotdogs because we (like the USA) are a multicultural country. I wonder, does your family eat these foods?

Ashley from Canada:

Ashley’s post: http://www.psdblogs.ca/ashleyt7853/2015/11/05/student-blogging-challenge-week-5-food/

Hi Ashley,
I really enjoyed reading your post, it was very informative and it is obvious you put a lot of effort into this post. Half of my family are from poland and I never knew that bagels originated from there! I think they are from Germany?! Great job with your post and survey!

Dariana from Mexico:

Dariana’s post: http://dariana7pm.edublogs.org/2015/11/02/week-4-halloween/#respond

Hi Dariana,
I really liked your blog post about how you celebrate halloween and your added picture. For week 5 of the student blogging challenge, I was wondering what you take to school for lunch? Do you take traditional mexican dishes or normal sandwiches?

Brock from Russia:

Brock’s post: http://2021bke.edublogs.org/2015/10/30/lets-celebrate-christmas/#respond

Hi Brock,
I think that was a beautiful post about the true meaning of christmas. For the student blogging challenge week 5 I was wondering what food you take to school for lunch in Russia? Do you take a Russian dish or an international sandwich?

Hannah from Korea:

Hannah’s post: http://edublogs.eanesisd.net/hannah9282021/2015/10/15/bubblegum/comment-page-1/#comment-30

Hi Hannah,
I really loved your descriptive language in this post. For the student blogging challenge week 5 I wanted to know what you take to school in Korea? Do you eat traditional Korean food? Do your parents prepare Korean food?

I really enjoyed this weeks challenge and look forward to next week.

That’s all for now!



Halloween traditions

As the second task for the student blogging challenge I am going to explain how my family has fun on Halloween.

Every year without failure we go trick or treating this means touring around our neighbourhood and beyond to collect the most candy as possible. We trick or treat for an extensive period of time, we go for about 2-3 hours and make sure no house is left undisturbed. I usually go with my friends that live in my area or that are from school. We then have a competition to see who received the most candy. My dad usually takes my friends, dog and I trick or treating and my mum stays at home and hands out candy. But she doesn’t just hand it out. She will usually play a trick on the visitors and attract quite a crowd. Last year she came out of the house eating the candy and said, “I thought you weren’t coming so we had to eat the candy” the expressions on their faces were priceless!

Pre-Halloween we decorate our house to extreme measures. We usually decorate our gates with cobweb and fake spiders. We also have the occasional laughing zombie or red-eyed bat hanging in the shadows near the entrance to really scare visitors.

We also buy our costumes a week before the fun starts and plan our costumes a couple of months before. This year I am going as a bloody vampire my costume is quite large, I have stick on fangs and a bunch of black glitter-tipped roses. I will post photos of us trick or treating.

My costume

My costume

That’s all for now,


SBC Wk 4- 😈Trick or Treat👿

As we all know this Saturday (31st of October) is Halloween! For the challenge this week we are required to dress up our blogs and write  a spooky piece of poetry or short story. I have already dressed up my blog with black bats and spooky pumpkins. I wrote a piece of poetry about a ghostly figure trapping an infant:

The lights are flashing in my room,

all of a sudden everything goes dark.

Fearing for my life I feel around for somewhere to hide,

but nothing is in site.


I hear a creak in the door

a wheezing groan approaches me,

my senses are disabled as the threat tries to choke me.


Then the lights are turned on.

I turn to see my assassin,

but nobody is in sight.


The grip on my body tightens,

and the world goes black again.


SBC Wk 3 Part 6- My native language

Hello Bloggers,

As the final task for week 3 Student blogging challenge I am required to write a post in my native language. My first language (native) is English but because of my diverse family we speak many languages. I am not fluent but now sentences and basic words in French. My mum would often speak with her mum (late mum) and brother in polish so I know certain words in that language. My Dad was born in Sri lanka but after moving to Australia he lost his tamle knowledge and cannot speak it. Today I will be writing some basic words in polish and filling in gaps with English. I will have bilingual paragraphs! I will use traditional polish names and fragments of sentences with a translation of corse!

Polish to English:

Nazywam się Anjali (My name is Anjali- pronounced nazvum she Anjali) Audio below
jak się masz (how are you?- pronounced yak che mash)
Audio below
jak masz na imię (what is your name?- pronounced yake che 
mash immy yay
Skąd pochodzisz (Where do you come from?- pronounced scond 
która godzina (what time is it?- pronounced kotoora godgina)
Chciałbym kilka lizaków (I would like some lollies- pronounced chowabem kilka lizacoof)
gdzie jest sklep (where is the store- jay est sklep)
porozmawiamy później (we will talk later- porozmaviami pshnez)
jak minął ci dzień (how was your day- pronounced yak meow che jen)
jak jest jedzenie (how was your food?- pronounced yaj jest yedzenyeah

I enjoyed researching and learning polish from my mum. All audios are copyright to our family.

That’s all for now



SBC Wk 3 Part 5- What I’ve learned about images

Hi Bloggers,

This week in the student blogging challenge, I completed multiple tasks to broaden my understanding of how to use images and widgets at my advantage without getting in trouble or disobeying the rules of copyright. If you would like to read my previous posts for Student blogging challenge week 3 then look for the tag Student blogging challenge in my tag and categories cloud.

I found this week’s challenge to be particularly interesting and informative because I not only really enjoyed looking for pictures in my family files but learned how to use public photos safely. Miss W and Sue Waters posted two great posts about how to use images and widgets effectively.

Here was the post about imagery:


And here was the post about helpful widgets to add to your blog:

blog: https://www.theedublogger.com/2015/04/01/widgets/

I found both these posts both very effective as I learned that taking images off the internet and using them on social media, blogging, websites and advertising isn’t right if the image is under a copyright license. Through this I learned that creative commons is a very helpful website because it locates photos that are able to be used for advertisement and are under no copyright regulations. I now know that compfight and photos for class are great websites to use that provide images that aren’t copyright.

To prevent legal involvement always use creative commons, comflight or photos for class pictures for your blog as they provide images that aren’t copyright and can be changed and adapted upon, used commercially and put on websites and blogs.


SBC Wk3 part 4- Widgets

Hello bloggers,

Ask a task for the student blogging challenge we had to add new widgets and explore the pros and cons about how to efficiently use widgets. For this task I added 3 new widgets which I picked myself off the websites given.

Interactive globe/ blog visitors

Before I found this widget I had a flag counter on my blog telling me how many visitors and viewers had been on my blog. But as I was visiting different blogs and exploring their widgets I was noticing that many people had an interactive globe telling them how many visitors they had. When the SBC released this post about widgets I went onto the 42 widgets post and chose the interactive globe because it shows not only literally but physically where my visitors are from in the world. This gives me a better understanding of where my visitors come from and what I could do to make my blog more understandable for them. Unfortunately when I got this new widget all of my history of visitors and where they were from was erased .

Google translate

Leading on form my previous point, I get viewers from around the world most of which do not speak english and therefore would find it more helpful if I put an easily accessible widget that could translate my whole blog into their language. This means the opinions that I have can be voiced to the world through my blog easily and efficiently.


When I saw this widget it attracted my attention because I am particularly interested in facts that surprise me about the world. Wonderopolis gives fun facts to my readers to add some extra knowledge and fun to my blog.

Thank you Miss W and Miss Sue Waters who wrote very helpful posts about how to use widgets.



SBC Wk3 Part 3- Family history

My Dad:

 What were the major events happening in your parents childhood period?

In my Dad’s case the invasion of Singapore by the Japanese. At the time he was living in Singapore as well as his whole family.

My Dad also got a scholarship to study in New Zealand which ultimately led to his entire family leaving Sri lanka and we were separated from him for 5 years. Later on we moved to Australia to join him.

Do you have siblings?

I have an older and younger sister.

Family photos.

Family photos.

A photo of dad's siblings, younger sister in the middles, oldest to the right and dad to the left.

A photo of dad’s siblings, younger sister in the middles, oldest to the right and dad to the left.

My dad in his kindergarten years.

My dad in his kindergarten years.

Dad towards his teen years.

Dad towards his teen years.

How did this event impact your Dad?

Because of the invasion and the war he was forced to move to Sri lanka where he built a family.

The scholar ship impacted our family in that we were forced to move away from our home and into a new country as immigrants.

Did you grandparents get education?

They received good education, my grandfather from my dads side was a teacher and my grandfather from my mums side was a surveyor.

What are your fondest memories with grandparents?

I was always my grandfathers favourite grandson and I remember him spoiling me and he also broke many rules for me.

Where there any major events that happened in your grandparents childhood and adulthood?

My grandfather on my mum’s side lost both of his parents at a very young age and became an orphan.

Was he in an orphanage?

No, he was bought up by close relatives.

The images presented are copyright to our family.

That’s all for now.


SBC Wk3 Part 2- Remembering through pictures.

The second task for the student blogging challenge is to write about a recent death in your family or town where you come form. This is an extremely hard topic for me to talk about as my family has recently been through the death of a very close relative and the addition of another child inconveniently at the exact same time. So it hasn’t been an easy year for us. But I think of this as an opportunity to open up to my readers and finally express how I have felt about the whole incident.

My Mum’s heritage is Polish and Cheque and my Dad’s heritage is Sri Lankan, we are a very multicultural family. My Mum’s mum was polish so instead of calling her Grandma we would call her Babcia (pronounced bup-cha) Babcia was an amazing woman. In her 77 years she survived a world war, saved her family from debt as she watched her alcoholic husband drink their family funds and when her husband died became a widow. One of those children became my Mum who now has a husband and child of her own and carries similar personality traits to her mother. Now I am here to tell you the story of my Babcia and why she is an amazing woman and deserves to be remembered.

My Babcia

My Babcia

Babcia on the right my mum on the left.

Babcia on the right my mum on the left.

IMG_0503photo 2-5

Babcia holding me as a baby.

Babcia holding me as a baby.

During world war 2 the Germans took over Poland and war struck between the two armies. Babcia her Mum, siblings, cousins and Aunt were victims of the war. Babcia’s Dad was fighting in war at the time when Babcia’s Mum was unfortunately shot in the leg and the heart. It was too dark for the soldiers to see who it was and they shot her thinking she was a Nazi. Babcia’s Aunt had to witness the death of her own sister and Babcia lost her Mum when she was only 7. From there she was responsible for her siblings until her father came home. Later on they received a letter saying that her Dad had gone missing in action (MIA) and therefore wouldn’t be coming home from war. After the death of her parent’s Babcia had the responsibility of mothering all her siblings as they were now all orphans.

Later on in life when Babcia got married to my Grandfather there was no one to walk her down the ail and the fact that she lost her parents at such a young age forever remained a fracture in her heart.

Babcia on her wedding day,  there is no one to walk her down the aisle.

Babcia on her wedding day, there is no one to walk her down the aisle.

With my Grandfather she slowly started rebuilding her life and welcomed to children into the world first my Uncle and then a few years later my Mum.

My Mum as a baby.

My Mum as a baby.

My Mum and Uncle

My Mum and Uncle as children with their loving mother.

Unfortunately my Grandfather became an alcoholic. There was nothing wrong with my Grandfather but he became addicted to alcohol and even though he was a great father he spent the majority of the family’s money on alcohol. When he was drunk (which was quite often) he would get very violent and angry. Because they were broke and poor Babcia had to raise her children on literally no money and made most of the money herself and sacrificed herself every day to provide for her family. She gave everything she had to save her family from debt and starvation. My grandfather soon overdosed in alcohol and died leaving Babcia a widow. She then became independent and kept fighting life’s battles.

As a young woman (around 30 years of age) she developed rheumatoid arthritis, which is incurable, and struggled as her joints especially on her fingers stopped working. She was very young when she contracted this disease and it was another set of boulders in her already rocky life. As well as this she had serious heart problem and took about 14 different types of medication per day just to keep her heart functioning. Towards the end of her life she developed bronchial pneumonia, which no doctor she went to could recognise and she died in her sleep very peacefully.

Babcia’s life was never easy; she fought till the very end and still never gave up. She is the most respectable woman I have ever met and raised to perfect children who became parents themselves (and very good ones at that). Even when she retired and lived in a retirement village sho refused to accept anyone’s money and never spent more than she needed. She was the most amazing woman that with all the hardships and trauma she had been through she never showed a single sign of it and always wore a smile on her face. She was humble, honest, religious and kind. She only cared for others and put them first. She was an asset to the family and many tears were shed at her funeral. She will always be remembered by the way she never gave up. She will forever be my role model and I miss her so much. I would give anything to see her again.